Friday, June 24, 2016, 8:10 AM

What Womble Carlyle Clients Need to know about the U.K. Brexit Vote

In the short term, the U.K.’s unprecedented—and unexpected—vote to exit the European Union creates considerable uncertainty for U.S. companies operating in the U.K., EU and beyond. A wide range of questions has yet to be answered regarding how the U.K. will work with EU nations moving forward, and complex negotiations will be required to resolve those questions.

Last week, Womble Carlyle entered an historic global alliance with leading U.K. firm Bond Dickinson, with the goal of ensuring that both firms’ clients experience outstanding client service on both sides of the Atlantic. The “Brexit” vote provides a perfect illustration of how the Bond Dickinson alliance benefits Womble Carlyle clients.
Bond Dickinson’s team has followed the Brexit question closely, and its attorneys have prepared a great deal of material analyzing the legal, political and economic impact of the vote. By clicking on the link below, you can access Bond Dickinson’s insights about the effect of tariffs, the withdrawal of EU funding, the effect of immigration controls on international recruitment and possible corporate relocation as potential issues that may impact companies in the U.K. and EU markets.

Click here to read “Brexit: Legal implications of the U.K. withdrawal from the EU” from Bond Dickinson.

If you have any questions about this client alert contact Jeff Hay, Global Business Group Leader, at 704.331.4950 or

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